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Strength for women…fact vs fiction!

“If I lift weights I am going to get too big and bulky…I want to lose weight and body fat!”. Many women are under the notion that if they weight train, they will get bulky and manly. When women hear weight training or strength training, they get an image in their minds of Arnold Schwarzenegger or the guy that “lifts things up and puts them down”, grunting and groaning in the gym.

One of the biggest myths, is that weight training will make women bulky. FALSE!!!

The primary reason for men getting more muscle bulk versus women is the Testosterone hormone. Women do have some testosterone in their systems, but a mere fraction of what men produce. Without testosterone, an essential component to building large muscle mass, it is extremely difficult to “bulk” up. Yes, if you open a fitness magazine you will see some men and women, both with the “Body Builder” physiques. BUT they also train relentlessly with SPECIFIC programs designed…with a SPECIFIC diet…with INTENT to build muscle mass. Getting bulky has way more to do with what you eat, not so much on of what weight you lift.

Another myth I hear always is… “I need to do cardio training programs to lose weight” or “I need more cardio to get ready for college sports.” WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!!

There have been a multitude of research studies that show a combo training program involving weight/resistance and cardio, not only helps burn more fat, but also helps keep muscle toned and builds muscle strength, reducing injury risk.

So what are the truths about training for women? Here are 3 to keep this section short…I can go for days about the benefits…

  • Increased metabolism – muscle require

more energy to maintain, therefore if you have more active muscle, you will burn more energy not only when working out, but also at rest.

  • Increased bone density – it’s a known fact that women suffer way more from osteoporosis then men. By partaking in weight training programs, women not only increase strength and mean muscle mass, but the training helps to strengthen your bones to promote better bone density.

  • Cloths tend to fit better – though muscle does weigh more than fat, one pound of fat takes up more volume and space than one pound of muscle. Having a leaner muscle, will give a more compact fit look.

These are just a few benefits of women performing strength training programs. Your leaner stronger body awaits you! Call now to get more info on starting your training program - 914.273.3413

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