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Why you should choose COR...

Highly trained professionals

At COR, we provide a well-rounded approach to health and wellness, by providing rehabilitation, exercise recovery, strength and performance training. No matter what stage of your fitness journey you are in, we can help! Our key to success is our individualized approach to recovery, through hands-on treatments and exercise based treatments to help injured and healthy athletes alike. By the conclusion of your session(s), you will have the strength needed to safely resume your regular activities, and the knowledge of self-rehabilitation techniques to mitigate the risks of re-injury.

All clinicians are of the most highly trained in the field of physical therapy and sport performance training with experience with athletes ranging from youth to professional and Olympic level of play.

Individualized Plans of Treatment

No two people are the same, so why should your treatment approach and plans of care be. At COR we treat you as an individual and try to provide the most personalized care possible.

Our Services

We are the only physical therapist owned and operated fitness and wellness facility. We provide not only physical therapy services but post rehab training and sports performance training. All treatments and  Strength & Conditioning programs are medically and evidence based in design to your individual needs. We are the ultimate rehab and sports training center.

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