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130 Business Park Drive, Armonk, NY 10504 Tel: 914-273-3413 Fax: 914-273-3036 © COR Sports Physical Therapy

Our Sport-specific Training Program is a medically-based training program that is custom built to each individual. COR Sports Physical Therapy does our Sports-specific Training Program with Perrotti Fitness. We aim to not only improve strength and power, but self-confidence. Our Sport-specific Training Programs are devised from the most current evidence based literature. Each client will undergo a thorough functional evaluation to assess motion/flexibility, strength, core stability, balance and vestibular function. Using the results found in the evaluation, an individualized program to address each deficit and to improve performance in sport.


We are committed to improving athletic performance through exercises that focus on:


  • Core

  • Strength

  • Speed Agility

  • Explosive power

  • Speed development

  • Flexibility

  • Muscle balance

  • Endurance Aerobically and Anaerobically


Whether you are a novice exerciser, high school student, collegiate athlete or even a professional athlete, Perrotti Fitness can help you to athletic success.

Sports Performance Training